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Making the Most of Your Livermore Festival Experience

Presentation is key when it comes to ensuring a successful festival showing, so keep your patrons coming back for more with high-quality large event tent rentals from Special Events Rentals. Our entertainment rentals allow you to display your wares with pride. To find out more, take a look at our festival rental FAQs or contact our experienced staff!

Festival Rental FAQs

What size tent do I need?

The size of tent that you’ll need depends on what type of festival experience you’re planning. If you’re running a food booth, you’ll need space for prepping, cooking, and displaying your products. Tents for festival games may need extra length or width depending on how the game works. Whether you need a small booth for jewelry or a large tent for works of art, you’re sure to find the best “event tent rental near me” when you work with Special Events Rentals.

What types of tents do you have?

At Special Events Rentals, we have four different kinds of tents for your convenience:

  • Pipe Frame-Supported Tents: aluminum or steel frame tents that are great for smaller events.
  • Pole-Supported Tents: classic festival tents that are still popular for outside tent rentals.
  • Tensile Tents: large tents that can be formed into festive and creative designs.
  • Clearspan Tents: box-beam tents with strong metal frameworks that are ideal for long-term events.
Can I set up my own tent?

Special Events Rentals does offer a number of event tent rental options that can be set up on your own, like our 10’ x 10’ frame tents. For larger or more complicated tent designs, leave it to the expertise of our talented team to ensure the best results.

What other entertainment rental items do you carry?

In addition to our event tent rentals, Special Events Rentals has a huge selection of other products to help you create your ideal festival experience. We have:

Can I have my rentals for more than 1 day?

At Special Events Rentals, we understand that some festivals are more than just one-day events, which is why we offer multi-day pricing on entertainment rentals. For affordable “tent rentals near me,” talk to our friendly team!

Will I get a refund on unused rental items?

When rental items are returned to Special Events Rentals, they go through a cleaning process regardless of how much they were used. Rental items are charged based on time out, not how much they’re used, so we don’t offer refunds.

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