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When you plan an outdoor event, there is always the question of whether or not the weather will cooperate with your plans. Even in the best conditions, it may still be nice to have some covering for your event that can create a more distinct space for parties, weddings, corporate trade shows, or concerts. To capture the aesthetic appeal and protection from the elements that you will want for your next large event in San Jose, explore the large tent rental services of Special Events in Northern California. Below you can get a better idea of the options available for large tent rentals and the choices you have for personalizing your tent.

Tension vs. Frame Tents

There are many different types and styles of tents available, but your primary decision will be between tension tents and frame tents. For weddings and parties, hosts often prefer the look of tension tents, which are supported by poles along the edges and through the middle of the tent. This creates the look of a draped top that can provide an elegantly dramatic look for an outdoor wedding. Frame tents offer more stability as freestanding structures, though they are costlier and involve more labor in their setup. Still, this type of tent may be ideal as an emergency structure or trade show venue where more protection is needed

Tent Rental Tips

If you are renting a large tent, there are a few key steps that you will want to keep in mind so that you are able to accommodate your guests without overestimating how much space you need. Here's a closer look at what you will want to do to plan out your tent rental:

  • Determine the size of your event - Along with a headcount for your event, you will want to consider the seating arrangement for your guests. A seated formal dinner will require more space than a cocktail party. If you are planning on incorporating a dance floor or stage to the event, more space will be needed for these features. Working with our staff will help you determine the right size and style for your large tent rental.
  • Choose your venue - Once you know what type of tent you will need to house, you can begin looking for an outdoor venue. Large outdoor tents can be placed pretty much anywhere there is relatively flat ground, so you should have a broad range of choices for breathtaking venues throughout the Bay Area.
  • Select extra decor - Large tents are typically no-frills structures, but they can be dressed up with walls, liners, and flooring. You may also want to think about lighting and heating and cooling to ensure the complete comfort of your guests.

Special Events has been serving San Jose and the greater Bay Area region with trade show rental and event rentals for more than 30 years, so you can rely on us to bring your special event together. To begin planning rental services with us, call (925) 605-2900 today.

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